When I was a kid, I was passionate about nature and wildlife. I would wander for hours outside on the countryside, lost in my daydreams and looking for any hidden critters and watching birds from afar. The sounds of streams, birds, and wind through trees and grasses were the background music of my scientific explorations.

Getting older, I lost my passion and ability to dream. I studied for a while health science and chemistry, but it didn’t rekindle any passion I once held for our natural world. Nothing could elicit wonder in me anymore. My priorities had changed, and my concerns were now those of the material world.

After finishing my degree, I decided to continue studying but this time in fine arts. I was always good at drawing and painting since I was a kid, but life and many events made me gave up on these pursuits. I needed to reconnect with my inner child and rekindle the flame that allowed me to lose myself in dreams and create imaginary worlds.

What a long process this is, that actually requires practice and training!

Creating and dreaming are like a muscle that needs flexing and constant caring to get better and stronger. Relearning to see the beauty in living things is part of this journey. I’m also realizing that the more I develop this side of me, the more I’m able to appreciate the simple things of life.

So basically, I’m using this blog to share drawings and thoughts on the creative process. If you have any comments or special requests, a drawing that you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to contact me at info@mdubillustrations.com